Stratton Sculpture Studios

We are Philadelphia-based sculptors with more than forty years combined experience in mold making, bronze casting, modeling and enlarging. Our boutique-style foundry attracts artists who seek experienced craftsmen and continuity throughout every aspect of the casting process. For the past twenty years, we have worked from our studios in Philadelphia, where we can pour four-hundred-fifty-pounds of bronze in a single melt, lift two-ton sculptures, and assemble large-scale work in our 11,000 square foot building.

We prefer to complete all the work ourselves, and employ only a handful of skilled craftsman to assist us as needed. This allows us to stay with a piece throughout the entire process. Because of this focused approach, we are often able to complete a project faster than our competitors and offer a more masterful end product.

Highlights include:

  • Enlarging Simone Leigh’s 16’ Brick House for The High Line Plinth

  • Recasting early American sculptor William Rush’s Nymph and Bittern for the Philadelphia Art Museum

  • Modeling Gift Horse, Hans Haacke’s 14’ bronze horse skeleton for London's Fourth Plinth

  • Creating a 16' monolithic poured rubber mold on Clete Sheild’s Vaquero Monument

  • Hand-finishing Sarah Peters' highly detailed bronze sculptures for Eleven Rivington Gallery

  • Designing, fabricating and installing a 15' found-object sculpture for the Pig Iron Theater Co.

  • Mold making & bronze casting Steve Layne’s 10’ Joe Frazier monument for Philadelphia’s Xfinity Center


Stratton Sculpture Studios have produced work for many individual sculptors and institutions including Paula Cooper Gallery, Jack Shainman Gallery, Laurel Gitlen Gallery, Eleven Rivington Gallery, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Berman Museum, the ICA, the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum, The Fabric Workshop, Newark Liberty Museum, New York High Line, and the Material Conservation Company, the Pennsylvania Archeological Museum, Tom Otterness, Simone Leigh, and Matthew Barney's Cremaster installation at the Guggenheim Museum.

We have done sculpture conservation and patination work on the collections of Lehigh University, Ursinus College, Grounds for Sculpture, Curtis Institute of Music, the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, and the Philadelphia Zoo.


Our early professional experiences include:

  • Assistant Supervisor and Teaching Staff in Metal Chasing, Johnson Atelier

  • Department Head and Teaching Staff in Wax Casting, Johnson Atelier

  • Patina, Paint and Conservation, Johnson Atelier

  • Mold Maker, Carolifi Brothers Mold Making

  • Metal Finisher, Mold Maker and Enlarger, Laran Bronze

  • Sculpture Faculty, Mold Making and Foundry, Tyler School of Art

  • Sculpture Faculty, Mold Making, Sculpture Modeling & Foundry, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts